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I can’t for the life of me work out why anyone would be even vaguely interested in knowing who I am, let alone anything about me! But considering you are on this page, I guess somebody is showing an interest. Now comes the hard part – trying to pique that interest a little further, just enough so that you will continue reading.

Well – so you really are interested. Considering you haven’t pressed the back button on your mouse or on your browser whilst I flounder around the topic of “About Me” and floundering is just me being true to form, the ever so evasive me. There you’ve garnished one little tit bit of information. I’m evasive! One small step in unravelling the complexities of twisted and while we’re at it, let’s call a spade a spade, and say that I am a complex human being. Full of all those pesky idiosyncrasies that mark the neurotic in nature. I’m being perhaps a little straight forward by coming out and saying I suffer from neurosis but I mean who doesn’t, from time to time,  harbour some form of neurotic tendency? You reckon you don’t? Well okay, then maybe it’s just me. But this page is about me so you are safe in your denial for now. But if you ever find those little voices in your head chattering away, telling you things you’d rather not hear then at least you’ll know that you aren’t alone and there exists a place to come to, twistedtripper.com, where there are a many voices giving voice to twisted’s anguish and disillusionment.

That’s all there is to say about me at this time but don’t hesitate to come back when you are ready to face the voices inside your head. You can join twisted in his pursuit to unravel the meaning of it all and his journey to find himself through the cacophony of voices by visiting his blog –  TwistedTripper’s Nightmare! There you’ll find all you’d ever hope to find out about me.

Hope to see you around, sometime soon.

TwistedTripper (aka Jyri)

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