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Strange is the ride home

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It’s funny riding on public transport.

“She’s such a bitch! All she does is bitch all day. She’s unhappy and all she does is make everyone around her miserable because all she does is bitch and moan. I had to stay back till 6pm last friday. I need to print all these documents and they have to go through the internet to get to the printer. And there was a problem with 3 of the documents so instead of sending the three pages again she took 30 pages; so I had to reprint all these documents and it took an hour to approve. That bitch! She could’ve only taken the three pages. Bitch! and then she starts screaming. She gets all emotional. She’s not rational. Then she takes two hours for lunch that bitch.”

It’s a strange world with even stranger inhabitans. I am suddenly intrigued by the behaviours of semi intoxicated people. They do exhibit some strange behaviour when sheltered within the safe confines of dulled senses. One thing that did strike me as ironic is the hypocrisy that this girl on the train revealed. On the one hand she is condemning a colleague with a diatribe of outrage at having to stay back at work on a Friday night about some bitching Bitch when she is doing the exact same thing. We all do it I guess but it’s sometimes a good thing to bear witness to such nuances from a detached standpoint.

Life would be rather boring if I didn’t have these amusements whilst observing the world in which I live.

Happy training and take a moment to listen to the rabble, more shall be revealed to be sure.

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Want some freedom fries with that?

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If only freedom could be upsized with an order from Micky Dees. We in the west are sold on this concept called “freedom” and that we ought to defend it with all our might. Some would make a connection with 9/11 and this post because it is loosely inspired by Freedom. Perhaps my thoughts have been shaped with the endless amass of media coverage of some vague event in history that really needs to be put to rest.

Time to move on I say. Sure it is a tragic event, not too dissimilar to countless others in history, only a tad smaller in comparison. Tiny perhaps. However the farcical association with attacks on freedom is more than just a little bit absurd. Defenders of freedom. Freedom warriors. One need only cast their minds back in the not so distant past where other attacks on freedom were countered. Nagasaki. Hiroshima. Two names that are associated with freedom. Lest we forget! Indeed!

One can almost smell the stench of the absurd frying up in a vat of lard. You want some freedom fries with that Sir? Yeah gimme some of those tasty morsels. Gotta have me freedom!

Can start a flame war here. Probably have ASIO knocking at my door with my cynical ranting.
But why sir?
In the name of freedom son!

We are fighting for freedom but more of our precious freedoms are being taking away from us. Not form some alien force but by the very inside we are purposively trying to protect.

Like I said I’m having a rant. I just sometimes wonder where the axes of evil really resides. A world wide war is being fought because of an event. Some foreign force is threatening us? Or is the threat coming from inside the corridors of power? Next door? Shh! Maybe we can hear em plotting away. Pfft. Don’t have to…The plot is sold to us right here in our lounge rooms.

Do you want some freedom fries with that?

Freedom! What is it? Define it? Is it free trade agreements in a “global” market? Is it a wide screen TV? Is it a 6 litre tank parked in your driveway? Is it the 200 dollars worth of hydrocarbons to run it? Is it commuting day in day out to a desk with a million other like minded souls? Is it believing the unbelievable? Is it going to the multiplex and puchasing those (…insert brand name…) shoes, tops, bottoms? Is it in a sweat shop, working twelve hours a day for a dollar? Is it having the four bedroom, double story, twin garage on a quarter acre block in the suburbs dream? Is it in the fossil fuels required to fulfill the dream? Is it the 25 year debt to multinationals? Is it worth one life? Two lives? A million lives? Is it the 50 hours a week you spend at work away from family and friends? Is it…..?

IS it the millions that do not have what we have?

Do you want freedom fries with that?

How much do they cost?

Are we really free?

I am just like you. Yes I want those freedom fries. But am I deluding myself into believing those freedom fries cost only a small amount extra. Perhaps at the end of the day, all I am doing is buying an illusion.

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