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I’ve been reading “God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything” by Christopher Hitchens and this attack on religiosity has been a common recurrence or theme with me lately. Perhaps it never really left my side, since I’ve easily retorted back into my atheistic tendencies after flirting with pseudo spiritual musings for a period of time. One can get caught up in spiritual yearnings and fantasies for awhile but when the lofty flights of fancy and wishful thinking starts its decline, falling foul of reason, the whole endeavour becomes absurd.

What’s left after one has the revelation that a deity floating high up in the sky is merely a reflection in empty space? The world, this time, this space, the revelation that this, in itself, is of primary importance when we look at the selfish sidings of our being. There is no other life apart from this one and it is best to make the most of it while it exists for the beholder. Unlike the lofty ones who believe this sphere is merely a testing field for some absurd battle between formidable foes, this world is the only one we have, so it is prudent and vitally important to look after this little blue planet as well as ourselves since an omnipotent being is on permanent vacation in flights of fancy.

The more I contemplate the notion of God, of a creator, a supreme being, ordaining and micro managing the universe and a universe that we have purportedly been given for our enjoyment and dominance no less, the more I’m inclined to disbelief. Having said that I have this niggling wish that there should be some patriarchal figure looking out for me and who has my best interests at heart; the idea that life would be considerably easier if I could just suspend disbelief and submit myself into serfdom for an ever vengeful deity is a tempting indulgence. However I am unable to curb my curiosity and inquisitiveness to allow such conversion into irrational belief and to make the leap into blind faith just for the convenience of consolation and servitude. It is an impossible task for a heretic such as myself and often I perplex myself needlessly in this wishful preponderance, which if nothing else fuels a searching longing to seek some ultimate truth. Truth that is perpetually out of reach, nevertheless it keeps me occupied while I inhabit this lonely planet.

Are Gods even required in this age of celebrity, where ostensibly the likes of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt or their countless ilk allow us to supersede or suspend God worship with an alternate idolatry to fill the empty shores of lost community and tribalism. Isn’t our fascination with images of seamless beauty and perfection all which is required, to relinquish the burden from our father in heaven? Is it not transcendental when we gawk at these pictures and recount the extraordinary lives of celebrity, a dream of utopia we are sold when we stare into the void of superficiality allowing the horror of everyday banality and the corruption of ideology in our leaders to wither away in shells of numbness?

Why wouldn’t we seek this alternate eden, fabricated for us to protect the insidious reality that is foreign to our comfort level? Idolatry is loose change when we countenance the fear mongering that is forced upon us by powers greater than ourselves. To think religiosity offers consolation is to bury one’s head in the sands of ignorance when the driving emotive force predominately called upon in the pursuit of conversion is that of fear. The same tactics are employed by our esteemed leaders who arguably borrowed heavily from the archaic keepers of conformity, the church. Wherever conformity is being called for, fear shadows and commands some form retribution for its non conformance.

To believe or not to believe? Heaven or Hell? Freedom or Terror? War or Peace? Choice? There always seems to be some either/or proposition at stake and it is ironic that the sellers of peaceable future command a sublime lust for its antithesis. Can there exist a voice of reason that extinguishes polarisation because seemingly the spiritual realm is deaf to such calls if by chance you happen to be on the wrong side of its knife edge.

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A feeling that everything is sham overwhelms me as I sit and contemplate the daily ritual. It seems that what we interpret as freedom is just a sham, that at the heart of all that is fed to us is a process of control. I have the unyielding feeling that whatever good we try and do it will ultimately fall into corruptive process of power and control.  Humanity seems to be in such a wretched state that any hope for good is lost in the cacophony of the evil that we are aiming to deploy upon our own species, never mind the so called lesser species which cohabit this planet with us.

In our arrogance and pursuit for ill defined happiness, comforted with the idea that what we actually desire is merely around the corner, what we are actually doing gets lost amongst the rabble of progression and greed. The fact is, that there is more than enough abundance for every man, woman and child on this planet but the abundance is confined to a select few, hording the resources so that a hierarchy of control is maintained. The hierarchy to be sure is a natural phenomena and found in all the known universe, however what is overwhelmingly stupid and absurd is the adherence to this natural order by an acutely intelligent species that is aware of its environment yet obstinately refuses to redefine the order into an all encompassing unit working as a whole.

Richard Dawkins’ Selfish Gene is no doubt the root cause of this individualistic/societal divide of the haves and the have nots and perhaps having the great divide diminished and abandoned all together is unfortunately and seemingly an impossible utopia to devise. The war we wage on each other as a species is in essence a result of our genetical  influence that would require greater expedience in intelligence rather than control and power, to defeat. But the cult of power and control is too irresistible to a creature that would sooner rather see the expiration of a world than loose claim to dominance over it.

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One day

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The transience of everyday life can be somewhat disconcerting. One day is filled with tumultuous emotions and savaged with angry sentiments and the next day is sublime in its calmness and flaccid with it’s predictability. How much have I come to rely on strong stimulus in my days affairs? Perhaps I have a love affair with chaotic intertwining and am ill at ease with serenity. Serenity marks dullness and I am born with an irresistible desire for mania and fast paced living, I only have to recount the consumable amount of caffeine that has entered this limbic system today.

A s such I am alive with an unquenchable thirst and am in continual flux with the mundane monotony of passing days, which seem to waste with time. Not much is happening in this vortex of nothingness and almost wish if I were at day one, fresh to start over again. Would anything be different if such musings were reality? Probably not! I am at this juncture and in divine wisdom it is where I am compelled to be.

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Winter’s Mark

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The cold breath of winter shadow, misting the day with bleak and sordid sorrow. Sorrow without face nor name to call, as it drenches in waves of what should be, dwelling with past yearnings of what could or might have been. Frosty air livens and quickens senses, naked in neural freshness, frisking skin with icy nails while the mind falls asleep. Wanting to hide, hide away amongst visions of bright and sunny days, where alluring warmth embraced in vivid light, can pierce the capture of unsightly thought.

Why oh why must this journey through winter dark be so very, very cold, vacant inside mind, body and soul? Is the day not haven from this nightmare so old? Can we run from this savage beast or will it remain, locked inside, inside the cavern of empty light? Alone we stand in this rapture of winter sight and again the season has shift and the morrow will dawn; in hope do we lust for the return of summer’s morn.

And is it not in hibernation that truth be sought? From the isolation and solitude of winter dark does nightfall not shine its hidden torch? As in day there is night, where the shadows of northern light illuminate inner thought. And try as we might, to fight with sorrow, shadow and the hallow dark, alone we do stand in winter’s mark.

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Random Thought #1

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I often find myself disassociated, where my inner world is strangely detached from the outer realm and I find such moments of detachment somewhat illuminating in the sense that it defies logic that my mind should be so far removed from the external environment that it seemingly is connected to. Sometimes I stare in a mirror, into my pupils and find that what I am looking at isn’t connected to the thing that is peering into the void. It’s a strange feeling that I can only describe as disassociation and detachment. It’s almost as if the consciousness driving the motor function is not a part of me but something outside of me. Maybe I just spend too much time on the inside, that any outer contact is foreign and bound to feel separate.

Just an observation and perhaps it is best if I left such observations to myself in fear of being carted off in a padded van by men in white coats.

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Internode – Pricier BroadBand

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Internode have announced their new ADSL plan changes, which probably marks a new era in managing high speed Australian broadband internet. Heavy Users have been hardest hit with increases of up to $40/month, as the new pricing/plan structure typically increases the download quota expenditure by 50c per gigabyte.

The unlocking of ADSL1 speeds to their full 8Mbit potential has seen the download habits of users increase with P2P, Usenet and VOD services becoming the norm, thus placing higher demands on a limited bandwidth resource. This coupled with a small percentage of users downloading considerable amounts more than their quotas allow, whilst being shaped, has prompted a review of the sustainability of having a lower priced structure based on the premise that not everyone will use their quotas.

Their has been a backlash of disdain by disgruntled consumers who were on 40 to 80 gigabyte download quotas, who now are footed with potentially an extra 40 dollars a month. Consumers were already reeling over the recent decommissioning of the premium Usenet service and are seemingly further disillusioned by the extra cost or decreased caps of download quotas.

The Home – High Power 20 plan I am on has increased by $10 and although I’m not particularly pleased to be paying extra, I’m not so miffed that I want to immediately churn, however I did entertain the idea. If I wanted to remain on the same price I will lose 10 gigs of quota and ever since being acquainted with Usenet, 20 gigs a month has been an ideal limit and one which I am now unprepared to decrease. Coming in the next couple of months will see an introduction of pay per gigabyte blocks which will come in handy on months that heavier downloads are pursued.

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LHC – Large aims in small fields

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I just watched a BBC doco on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) called “The six billion dollar experiment” and it left me feeling both, enthralled and appalled.  The idea that a small possibility exists for the reality we know to be sucked out of existence is of some concern. However bring it on, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Check out the Cern website for LHC info.

I’ve been anticipating the firing up of the collider for well over a year and am eager for the scientists to confirm whether Higgs Boson is based in reality or just another hypothesis. It will have vast implications in the way we view matter and no doubt the unravelling of this particle will endow humanity with further riches in understanding. It will answer the age old question of why there is something rather than nothing, it will prove everything and that everything is indeed based on nothing , how else did we get something from nothing.

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