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US Navy bows before Commie overlords!

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It seems that China has been secretly developing a ship killer to take out aircraft carriers over distances of 2000km. A ballistic missile equipped with the accuracy of a cruise missile – a combination which is making the US Navy somewhat nervous. Nervous that their multi billion dollar mobile war factories will likely be made obsolete. I came across this piece of trivia in a Sydney Morning Herald article, US panic at China’s new ship killer by Peter Hartcher.

It’s kind of sad that Human Beings have been unable to free itself from the primal urges that seem to govern our behaviour. For millennia, we’ve perfected the art of war, from the humble beginnings of sticks and stones to the more sophisticated use of sticks fashioned into spears and probably later as a bow and arrow. To progress into the iron age where we discovered that a sword could enable us to slay our prey and neighbour as we saw fit. To then evolve metals into ever more gruesome weapons to appease our blood lust and to then discover that sweet synergy of metal and gun powder – we were finally on course with a fascination with ballistic weaponry. Why get blood on our hands when it is far easier to sit back and let the fingers do the killing. No messy blood and guts to clean off our military attire when you can fire a gun at a distance.

With each passing technological breakthrough, humanity has devised at pains on how best to incorporate it as the most efficient way to kill one’s brother. To think that billions of years have passed to evolve life and its beautiful diversity to have a creature that has barely scratched the surface of time, who has the ability to erode and destroy in a heart beat what nature has so delicately woven in its majesty over 100’s upon 100’s of  million years of wisdom. Where did mother nature go wrong?

Now China have set itself apart from the pack by developing this ship killer. War strategy 101 amendment 2009a is now in the pipeline. Imagine the disdain on the faces of US admirals who now are looking at joining the dole queues because those damn pesky commies have gained the upper hand and made their jobs obsolete. Sure they could go under water and captain Submarines but then they’d not have all the air power they once prized aboard their fleet. And besides going underwater would somehow be beneath them don’t you think?

Anyway this just ups the stakes a little. Gotta keep the US military-industrial complex on its toes. In the end China is doing them a favour by developing this ship killer weapon. Now there is no excuses not the expend a few more trillion into military  R&D. Generals and Admirals alike will be rejoicing at the windfall that is sure to arrive in next years budget. A couple of trillion dollars to develop the ship killer – killer isn’t out of the question is it? This time a New Pearl harbour isn’t even required; our esteemed media has done all the hard work for us. Why lets instigate some fear around that old chestnut – OMG the Reds are coming!

McCarthy eat ya heart out – we’s gots ourselves a ship killer to deals with!

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Done and Dusted

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Well Sydney woke up to an interesting day. The sky was red and the end times were surely upon us. Well that was the first thing I thought of when my alarm rudely woke me from a deep sleep and as I rolled over to snooze the damn thing, Triple J’s breakfast team were talking about what you would do with half an hour left to live, I noticed  through my dark blue curtains that something was just not right outside.

I launched myself out of bed in a panic, something I only do when I’m running late after sleeping through my alarm. I pulled back my curtains and the world had developed a very red hue and it certainly looked apocalyptic in nature. Automatically my mind shifted into this doomsday scenario as if the book of revelations wasn’t the piece of fiction I thought it was. Because there in front my eyes the world looked like some aftermath of nuclear war. It was red. Everything was red! I should’ve taken a photo but I was not thinking rationally. Maybe it was because I just woke up and I was still dreaming, but the fucking world was red. Red! Red! Red!

The sky is turning red
Return to power draws near
Fall into me, the skys crimson tears
Abolish the rules made of stone

Raining Blood – Slayer

So I rushed out into the living room and had look online and sure enough I wasn’t the only one seeing red. The whole of Sydney was caked in red dust. But still my pulse was racing, surely this was the end of time and biblical prophecy had awakened from its slumber. So I flicked the tele on to channel Seven’s Sunrise and they also confirmed the dust storm theory.

230909 Red Storm Rising Sydney Dust Storm by Nico Nelson

230909 Red Storm Rising Sydney Dust Storm by Nico Nelson

Although for a brief moment I wanted to believe that this was the end so that at least I’d have definite proof that religion was indeed true, I still looked for answers from a legitimate scientific perspective. This time it was a dust storm but tomorrow some other extraordinary event may deceive me into  jumping automatically to supernatural phenomena to explain the ordinary world. I guess it goes to show how we confabulate stories to explain the mystery that surrounds us. However there always seems to be a  more reasonable explanation just around the corner. One need only exercise patience and the truth will reveal itself. Having said that, the apocalypse still appeals to me more than just some freak dust storm. Maybe its my pessimism holding me in this strange land of impending doom. Now alls I need is some proof to confirm my suspicion that the end is nigh.

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Baroness Susan Greenfield – Luddite or Seer?

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Is technology bad for us? Baroness Susan Greenfield’s theory seems to suggest that we are all doomed from over-stimulation generated by these machines we appear to be glued to in every facet of our 21st century existence. She reckons the structure of our brains is a changing, due to our addiction to virtual worlds, in much the same way as a meth addict changes their brain function to become a receptacle of dopamine flooding goodness. Is such changes in brain chemistry really that bad? Is it even a moral question to begin with? Should we be asking whether it is good or bad when in truth it is neither?  In the past we weren’t so absorbed or consumed by technology but now that we are embedded into living within a 24 hour/7 days a week – switched on and online society, the threat that our cerebral cortex is turning into some monstrous and base machine, fined tuned to sensory overload – unable to relate in an empathic or meaningful way, is fast approaching. The beast has been let loose and it wants our souls no less. Are we in effect dumbing ourselves down with a constant influx of adrenal fluid and sensation. Turning ourselves into caricature of our reptilian brain ancestry?

A de-evolution of brain mass that is certain to leave us grunting and growling as we lose our ability to communicate with each other in a physical sense, our minds losing the functionality of being able to tap into the social queues that face to face social interaction imbue.  Well that seems to be how Baroness Greenfield would like us to perceive technology. With advent and evolution of social interaction through social networking sites and the such, we will invariably become inept at deciphering the 3D world in which we live. But how different are video games and the internet really? Compared to the introduction of the television sets in living rooms around the globe? Isn’t that where our losing touch and de-evolution began?

Sure gaming and the like is far more sensory and absorbing, filled to the brim with exponential ultra-violence, but I’d suggest it is merely another form of art mimicking reality. It may not provoke the same set of intuitive vision as what say a great novel performs but it does tell a story that could be viewed as a piece of social commentary. Extreme levels of violence depicted in shooters may seem excessive and instil a rather  blasé view of violence but does it not just imitate what we see beamed into our lounge rooms nightly, via the 6 o’clock news? The level of acceptable violence tolerated on prime time TV is none the less extreme. Does having such exposure make us less sensitive and empathetic to blood and gore? Perhaps.

But is this really what concerns Baroness Greenfield – that violence in video games is fuelling a far more sinister blood lust which is becoming insatiable?  That somehow the virtual world will creep into reality and that we will Descend into Depravity  like the new Dying Fetus album depicts so well? Or that we are becoming far more reckless by being exposed to the high risk – risk free environment that gaming bestows? Maybe these things truly are happening, like some kind of metamorphosis in a nightmare lifted out of a Kafka novel. However, is raising awareness going to shift public opinion on the matter? Will the gaming industry curb its multi billion dollar turnover to appease some intellectual? I think not and there appears to be more to Baroness Greenfield’s theory than just a passing concern for the welfare of society.

Isn’t Baroness Greenfield just trying to gain more exposure to herself and thus gain greater chances of securing research funding for her pet project? Moreover isn’t it a little rich for a highly esteemed intellectual like Baroness Greenfield to praise the virtues of intelligentsia while condemning the mindless pass times of layman who will never hope to possess the intellectual prowess which she enjoys. I think she like to express a quote (I don’t know who) that goes something like this “an unexamined life isn’t worth living”. But for the great many people out there, there really isn’t that much to examine. They go to work, come home, sleep. And for the most part their work entails repetitive tasks that leave little to the imagination. Sure they could get all scholarly and look at the nuance that such a life has on the metaphysics of the universe, but really, is there that much more that can be said of mediocrity that hasn’t already been said a trillion times before? So can one blame the poor sap who comes home and joins a virtual world to blast away the enemy and forget the plight that the morrow will bring?

On a final note, there is the suggestion put by Baroness Greenfield that the global financial crisis is somehow to blame on the massive multiplayer  online role playing game, World of Warcraft. Isn’t that just a tad far fetched? Is it reasonable to believe that some hot shit Wall St guru spent too many hours on WOW and somehow the role playing converged into real life, affecting his judgement in  assessing stock and trades. Come on! I’ve heard of video killing the radio star but MMORPG killing the wall street star just doesn’t have the same catchy meme. 

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On the train home I saw one of those homeless people standing on the platform at Central Station as the train slowed to a stop. I was in the front carriage whilst this unknown and nameless man was standing at the rear end of the platform. You know the type, dishevelled and dirty with long grey hair and beard. The sort of person we pass on the street, stirring a sense of disgust or maybe a touch of pity but generally making us feel uneasy and perhaps a little anxious and fearful. The ones we go out of our way to avoid and hope they don’t approach us. It’s definitely a sight we’d rather not see, maybe because we know that they are just a person, probably not too dissimilar to ourselves at one time, but somehow ended up standing on a train station platform looking the way they do – not fitting into what is socially acceptable and who are isolated from the rest of us or we may like to believe anyway. We can be pretty sure that they live rough and we can assume that they are mentally ill or addicted to drugs and alcohol or maybe both. We might think them insane even.

Anyway we do know that we don’t want anything to do with him and we probably wish we didn’t have to witness such an unsightly soul on our way home from work. However, it got me thinking while I sat in the train, wondering just how much different are we, really, as we sit staring into space or out the window on our way home? I don’t know how many people sit in a carriage of a train, 50 or 100 maybe? We may be dressed appropriately, clean and probably not smelling offensive but we sit there avoiding one another if we can. We don’t want to have to interact with the person next to us and at least on the train we are pretty isolated from one another. We may have lovers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters or friends when we get home but on the train we are separated and isolated. I know the kind of isolation we may or may not feel on a train is far from the social isolation a homeless person of the kind standing on aforementioned platform, it does make an interesting comparison nevertheless.

The kind of isolation this homeless man must experience is what we fear the most and is probably why we feel so uneasy when confronted by it on the street. We could easily end up in a similar situation. If things turned sour and  in a serious of events we found ourselves with no money. If we somehow lost our social standing and thus our friends, we could be standing in a big city with no where to go, sleeping rough. What if the event somehow made us acutely aware of the superficiality and fragility that social norms are? What if  we turned to alcohol for comfort, to warm our souls in such a cold heartless place? A city filled with millions of people but no one willing to lend an ear? What if in such unaccommodating circumstances our perception changed and our mind snapped or broke and we lost the ability to adjust back to the norm. Would we then be standing on the platform, dirty and wretched?

Would you then be insane? Mentally ill and forgotten? Lost? Would then someone like me, sitting on the train look out the window and see you standing there, wondering who really is insane? Is it you standing there or is it me sitting on a crowded train, who will be there again the next day and the next wondering why exactly I am there? Doing the same thing day in and day out so that I may be seen to be a part of norm and not really knowing for what purpose? Is it really so important to be a part of machine that cares so little apart from the economic wheels I can turn? Who is alone peering out at my fellow human beings wondering if we aren’t all just as insane?

Did that homeless man see something we couldn’t that made him just a nameless agent standing at odds against a society that herds together for no apparent reason, other than appearing to be just another part of a norm. A norm that shuns and forgets and is threatened by something outside that norm? I wonder if anyone today will ask that homeless man if he’s okay or wants something to eat or maybe just be willing to hear and lend a sympathetic ear? After all that’s what we all want, someone who’ll take a minute to ask how we’re going and to care.

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ABC’s 4 Corners ran the BBC’s Conspiracy Files program “Conspiracy 7/7: the London Bombings” last night exposing the internet conspiracy documentary “7-7 Ripple Effect” as a fraud so that we laymen may lay another conspiracy to rest and fall back to sleep in our uncomplicated mass media induced hypnosis. Now what is interesting is why mainstream television feels somewhat compelled to debunk these internet conspiracies at all. If the conspiracies have not one ounce of credibility then why  even take the time to expose them in the first place? Could it be a conspiracy to raise ratings? After all there are thousands of converts eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the real life saga of the governmental plot to dupe the Joe Citizen with state sanctioned lies and propaganda. Ready to view what the man has to say about their favourite conspiracy and thus reinforce their world view.

plan b: paint a giant cock and balls on your roof by solidstate

Let’s face it, any saga that one can latch onto with some level of conviction is certainly worth the time to investigate, to break the utter monotony that the daily grind in paid slavery bestows! It keeps our imaginations active and without anything else we’ll be sitting in front of the idiot box with razor in hand, ready to slash our wrists if we have to endure one more fucking episode of the Farmer Wants A Wife. Surely a tangible conspiracy is worth contemplating when confronted with such dire circumstances that network television wishes to torture us with.

Really what possesses us to take conspiracy theories with anything resembling seriousness? Apart from facetious commentary about the lame entertainment industry dumbing us down with absurdity, what is it that creates the mindset to accept alternate theories to the ones fed to us by media who are basically reporting the official story? There is an obvious level of mistrust amongst the citizenship towards their leaders and perhaps it is not without foundation, considering lies, misrepresentations and corruption are exposed on a regular basis. Perhaps it is a reaction to the absurd actions of people like the former President of The United States of America, one George W Bush whose lasting legacy to the world is that of an Axes of Evil and A War on Terror, complete with bogus weapons of mass destruction, which may very well have instigated the switch from general apathy into the high level of cynicism currently observed in Joe Citizen whose readiness to give credence to “conspiracy theories” so eloquently illustrates. They can’t all be completely mad, can they?

Because on the face of things the people that take on board so called conspiracy theories aren’t complete morons and presumably a lot of them are intelligent and thoughtful human beings. Although there is a fair share of complete nutters who probably do the greatest disservice to these truth seekers but for the most part they are ordinary citizens who are more than likely just trying to make sense of the bizarre world we live in. And who can blame them for their cynicism? Unless you are truly faithful and unquestioning to what is being fed through your senses then it seems legitimate to at least hear opposing theories to the ones being fed intravenously into our mainline of media receptacles.

I’m not going to try and say that I haven’t held some degree of obsession with all things conspiratorial, I can however say that I’m not entirely convinced one way or another, especially when it comes to 9-11 or 7-7 conspiracy theories. Like many who come to question the official stories, I have my doubts but I really don’t know beyond a reasonable doubt whether there is some gigantic cover up or if what the man says is indeed how it is. Having watched a good portion of the internet videos regarding alternate theories surrounding the official stories I am still undecided. The videos make well thought out arguments but unless one takes extraordinary efforts to examine all the facts they can’t be reasonably used to make an informed decision. Either they are right or wrong and there is definitely some questions that need answering but to make a decision based upon a video would be foolish and in no way better than blindly accepting what mainstream media infects our minds with. Unfortunately I believe that we’ll simply never know, because no one will share the secrets, if any, behind the events and generally even if there was a grand conspiracy I doubt the average citizen would even want to know the truth. The ramifications of there existing such a dark underworld within the corridors of power would likely topple civilisation and create a level of distress and upheaval hitherto unseen.

But I can safely say that regardless of the truth or lie behind the catastrophic events that these two dates represent, the aftermath of it has raised an eyebrow or two and a higher degree of cynicism within my already cynical outlook.

With our civil liberties slowly being eroded and the average citizen oblivious to the sinister consequences of letting go of too many of our liberties, coupled with the never ending war that the War on Terror entails, it is all too easy to envisage a total surrender of what little freedom we still possess, all in the name of safety and security. It is far too easy to attach rather evil motives behind our eagerness to engage in war in a region that possesses something we want. OIL!

Under the false pretence of WMDs and links of Al-Qaeda to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq the US launched a pre-emptive strike against Iraq and it really isn’t okay that this happened. It seems the US administration in a best case scenario took advantage of a disaster and tragedy to advance its own agenda and in a very worst case scenario, created the disaster to gain public acceptance of its desires to gain a foothold in the middle east and create a police state of its resources. It is deceit like the WMD manifesto which is the driving force behind the cynicism faced by ordinary people who then seek alternate theories. The lack of transparency and corruption of power in the halls of governance has left too many without any other outlet to source information than through the internet.

Time will tell if we witnessed the greatest perversion of the truth ever conceived. But in the mean time I am sure we’ll happily hand over more of our rights and privacy into the hands of Government and business to appease the fears that have been implanted into our psyches. Will we wise up to the real threat, the threat of losing what we have worked so hard to create. A free and just society? Or will we end up in a totally closed society where any level of dissent will be silenced and where we end up living in greater fear than what we are purportedly trying to eradicate by giving away our rights?

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