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There is something about waiting that fails to sit well with me. Wherever it is, waiting around is something I just don’t seem to like very much. So while I wait for my flight I sit here at the departure gate, well just waiting. And what really is there to do except wait. Even now as I type, another load of passengers are waiting, waiting for their flight and waiting for a couple of passengers who are missing. Who presumably are missing in action or lost somewhere in the labyrinth of airport security checks. I know, I was subjected to the “random” swab check after passing through the x-ray machine so it isn’t inconceivable that the couple could be bent over with a rubber glove probing inside their extremities for explosives of some type or other.

I can imagine the frustration of the other passengers on flight BA16 who are eagerly anticipating  a take off, yet  who are destined to wait, to await the last 2 stragglers who inevitably will be 2 of the most hated people in the world for the those on that plane.

We on BA10 share their anticipation as we wait. In solidarity we wait.

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