The mystery of World Trade Centre Building No. 7 has officially been resolved and the conclusion is, that WTC7 is the first steel high rise structure to collapse due to fire. So we can all rest easy and lay to waste our fascination with conspiracy theories concerning September 11. But all the same, it is still more interesting and compelling to believe WTC7 and the WTC North and South towers collapsed due to controlled demolition, rather than the official story of fire. It enables the imagination to dissemble sense from the absurdity that so often is thrown at us during the mediocre hypnosis that is fed us through mainstream media. Although a great deal of investigative analysis has been performed, I’m still not 100 percent convinced that the official story is the truth. Having three buildings collapse in perfect symmetry, is something astonishing and for it to be happening within hours of one another is stretching the imagination in my opinion; although it is not without possibility, it is nevertheless odd.

If one is to accept that fire has weakened a structure to the point of collapse, does it then follow that the structure would weaken in such a symmetry so the point of failure would enable a vertical drop? That is what strikes me as the most suspicious and strange occurrence that wiggles and niggles at rationality, I’m not entirely convinced that fire would actually do that but I cannot without doubt say it isn’t possible. If fire is the agent for failure, the question is; why does it collapse straight down rather than on a skew? One would imagine that the connections affected by fire to be weakened and be cause for the structural member to fail, however, wouldn’t the other connections which weren’t affected still retain strength, delaying and perhaps guiding the collapse so it would look staggered or angled? Is it likely that a central failure would pull or drag the outer structure with it in a free fall arrangement? Who knows, but having the owner of WTC7 and the WTC towers, Larry Silverstein state that they made a decision to “pull” WTC7 is seemingly strange language to be using. Then there is the footage of firemen warning of the imminent collapse, so ostensibly some extraneous circumstances are in the periphery that may or may not be valid.

But having a conspiracy of such magnitude is mind boggling and will doubtless draw the conclusion that the official story is the true one. Who wants or could even believe that men are able to conceive and conspire of such tragedy for their own gain? And that such a conspiracy could be maintained in secrecy? But isn’t the grandeur of such a conspiracy something that ought be weighed with interest. The possibility of the “Big Lie” propaganda technique is one which is at least worth considering momentarily if not seriously.

Ultimately the end result is that the World Trade Centre buildings collapsed due to fire and although there are some interesting points in entertaining a conspiracy theory, it makes little difference in the end. No one is going to confess to aiding and abetting the crime of the century and admit the whole event was staged for some heinous purpose. We have no option but to accept the official story, because even if the conspiracy is factual, what can be done about it and what would happen if it did transpire that such a monumental crime was exposed? Wouldn’t it unravel societal harmony or whatever thin fibres are meshing society together, if it was revealed as an “inside job” wouldn’t it unleash anarchy?

Out of all the conspiracies that I have ever entertained, the possibility of controlled demolition of WTC7 and the WTC Towers has really given cause to reflect in seriousness, the truth of it. It is in vain though, because either way, the only conclusion is greater cyncism in hummanity. The official story or conspiracy matters little, both subscribe to the view that we as a species are fucked! On the one hand we have religious fundementalists flying planes into buildings and on the other we have at least a person or group of people on the same side reeking destruction and death. Both achieve the same result, people dying for no good reason.

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