Last time I wrote I delved a little into the magnitude of debt that the US has embroiled itself in. That number is set to soon tip the legal limit of a whopping 14 Trillion dollars. Let’s not forget this number, 14, 000, 000, 000, 000. Hold it in the minds eye briefly and imagine the enormity of such a giant of a figure. Imagine that One trillion dollars is a stack of $1 bills place on top of one another, which is estimated to total a height of 108km when stacked like that. Multiply that by 14 and we hit a stack that is roughly 1500km high. High enough to leave the Earth’s atmosphere and orbit in outer space.

It appears the level of debt is seeking a landing upon the moon as the criminals responsible for the travesty that this debt embodies is in fact seeking a grant from congress to lift the legal level of debt allowed still further. To what can only be thought of as a measure to enslave the US population to a regime of never ending debt that will be impossible to ever repay, for perpetuity. As it stands with 14 trillion dollars every man woman and child owes 45, 000 dollars assuming 300 million population, however if that wasn’t bad enough and it almost seems doable in comparison, the figure is then shot to the moon if the total level of obligations the US government owes its citizenry is taken into account. Adding social security, Medicare and Medicaid and the plethora of other year to year running costs a government is empowered to administer, then the debt quickly shoots to level closer to 80 trillion dollars. When these obligations are accounted for each American is indebted to a figure of around $266k. That is a lot of years of labour each man, woman and child has to endure to service such a debt and considering other commitments like food, clothing and shelter also have to be met, the citizenry sure has its work cut out. It could take decades of labour to repay.

With the World Gross Domestic Product as of 2009 at 59 Trillion dollars. Link  It appears the US debt far exceeds the worlds GDP so it begs the question of who is actually going to pay this impossible debt? The answer is no one will. Default or hyperinflation. Which will it be? More debt means more fiat currency printed which means less value which means more money printed and soon enough one hundred trillion dollar bills are being printed, Hello the United States of Zimbabwe. If the US continues with this madness we will surely see notes like below coming into existence and instead of Zimbabwe dollars they’ll be USD. Just way too much debt and all because for a few brief moments it made us feel rich. In reality we were becoming poor. Soon, possibly very soon the middle class are gonna get wiped of the wealth they thought they had. The printing press will take it all from them. Probably too late to switch it off now anyway. Just gotta wait and see I guess.


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