I was tempted to sign up to facebook the other night but I quickly realised the folly of such a desperate measure. In truth I merely wanted to poke around at peoples profiles, just to see what all the fuss is about and to generally have a sticky beak. But having to sign up just for the privledge seems a little too drastic for a nights entertainment. Ah well I’ll just have to make do with being kept in the dark to the goings on in social networking sphere. I’m still not quite sure of why these things are so popular and it makes me wonder if I’m missing out on all the action by just having my own little space kept in the closet of cyber space, away from the hype and mainstream.

I remember last year when I was mentally unstable, doing the same thing with Myspace, except I actually signed up and made a profile; but it all came to decay when I realised the grave error of judgment I’d made. All the cacophony of creating a profile based on some geeks vision of coolness just gave me the shits and the ultimate humiliation was when that fucker Tom added himself as a friend? Did I want that cockhead as a friend? No fucking way! Anyway my foray into social networking ended as soon as it began, disgusted with myself for wavering to temptation in a moment of weakness, I deleted the profile. I learnt this time from past folly and managed to disavow myself from becoming another victim of social networking. Surely it isn’t good, after all teenage girls seem to neck themselves when my-spacing out.

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