Interesting times are ahead as we stare downwards into the void of the credit crunch whilst biting our finger nails, awaiting fate to roll its wretched dice. It still defies any sort of logic for the uninitiated like myself. How does this sort of thing happen?

By all accounts this bail-out or “rescue plan” is the only course of action to stabilise the market but is it really going to do anything or is it just a vain effort to ward off time before the inevitable crawl takes place? It’s probably the insanity of this beast we have created that the only definition of progress is growth, that the machine we’ve fallen to serving has this insatiable appetite and when it can’t have its fill, it then just goes into hibernation, withering away the source of its energy while it sleeps. As a consequence, we automatically become part of the hibernating cycle because there is no more growth left and perhaps wither away also.

It’s an odd system we have when a slower pace means catastrophe. I guess the pace needs to be in constant acceleration, otherwise we’ll just have too much time to think and wonder “Hey what’s up with this…it doesn’t have to be this way”….or does it? Faster. Faster. Faster….till?

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