There’s something strangely appalling when one enters into the halls of hypocrisy and is then outraged that another could be exhibiting a behaviour that they themselves are not above. I am speaking in terms of family and it never ceases to amaze me; the dynamics that are present in dysfunctional relationships. My dad was having a go at my brother, which was somehow directed at me for some unbeknown reason and he was somewhat upset at my brother’s alleged state of well lets just say inebriation. I couldn’t help but think that this is a case of the kettle calling the pot black. I really don’t understand why it is such devastating news that my brother would be in a incoherent frame of mind. Its not like anything will be vastly different because my dad hasn’t talked with him for a while. It’s unlikely reality will shift into a more pleasing form because you’ve buried your head in the sand for a period of hibernation. Reality would suggest that my brother likes to be in an altered mind set and it isn’t likely to change because I or anybody else would desire it to be different.

Anyway, if one is to throw stones then it would be wise if one didn’t do so inside a glass cocoon of self righteousness. I would’ve liked to have informed my dad of this ism but what is the point? Dysfunction exists for a reason and who I am to shatter the illusions of self righteousness and contempt. I only have one more week to contend with the dilemma I face with having my dad stay with me and it will be wise to keep my mouth shut. I don’t particularly want to be the one throwing stones even if I have a distinct advantage of not living in a glass house. Of course my dad may stumble upon this post and he may even be a little belligerent but this is my space to rant and indulge my little secrets and in a smug sense of relief it isn’t I that has some dirt that needs sweeping under the carpet whilst pointing fingers at someone else.

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