Absolutely nothing. No wonder I’ve been so silent and unmotivated lately. I have nothing. My mind is absent. Tired. Weary. Sleep has been evasive. Some mania has gripped me, holding me fast into wakefulness. Insomnia. Burn out! I’m functioning purely as an automaton in some austere sphere of disentanglement. I need something but I know not what it is. Just some sense that “it” needs filling but with an overriding estrangement of sense, of meaning, of purpose. Desire in flux with fulfillment. How can “it” be filled. It can’t. It won’t. The chase. Absurd. Memory. Fragments. Pieces.

Just little pieces. Little bits and bytes. And in the end…….

What’s it all supposed to mean? No answers….

Keep going. Keep doing. Don’t think. Don’t dream.  Don’t question. Don’t speak. Just keep the ball rolling…..

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