It’s extraordinary how easy it is to make our purchases obsolete with the introduction of some new fandangled gadget.

With what was a perfectly good phone that acted just as it should have, I’ve now retired it to what now is an over glorified alarm clock.

It seems that having an awareness of the pit falls of unchecked consumerism still isn’t enough to curb the desire to accumulate stuff.

But it is kinda fun having the latest tech gadget to wile away the hours with. But how long will this piece of kit last before it too is relegated to a fancy bedside clock ?

Anyway I have high hopes for this new phone I now possess. At the very least I can entertain the notion that I can use this technological breakthrough for something more useful than just feeding my addiction to the internet.

After all I’m making my first post to my blog with this kit. So without further delay i’ll introduce you to my new toy.

Here it is, the HTC Desire HD

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