I’ve been burning the midnight candle lately, partly because I’ve been assigned to working extended hours for a project I’m working on and as a consequence getting home later than normal, which is not conducive to getting some down time before going to bed. And partly because instead of forcing a time to switch off I continue to wind myself up until my eyelids start to droop. Of course the opposite end of the spectrum would be that I awaken early and do the time I’m required to do, that way, and then getting home earlier and hopefully getting to bed earlier. But let’s face it, I’m hardly a morning person and I have difficultly maintaining the discipline for early rises and early retiring to the bedroom for the sleep. That most normal of disciplines is something that evades the nocturnal beast that I am and the idea of becoming normal is somehow abhorrent to my sensibilities or insensibilities as is the case with my persistent burning of the midnight oil. For no particular reason other than to try and evade the sandman’s grains so I can gain a few extra hours of "my time’ to pursue a better understanding of the universe and the nuances that pervade the human condition. I may be stretching my rationalisations just a tad here but the core of my reasoning is set about a grand agenda but quite often fails to live up to such designs and instead merely just wiles away hours with useless information for entertainment purposes.

Anyway, having the extended night time as I have had over the last few days has given me a sneak peak into the world of politics once again. As the hour wanes into the witching hour the familiar sound bytes fill the room with the sound track of the beginning of Question Time on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I’m not even sure if late night television is the only time this piece of Australian drama is aired but I’d have a fair amount of trouble believing anyone would actually fit some time in the day to view it without being completely bonkers or just a plain old masochist. But still the little time and brief glimpses I’ve had of this work of complete time wasting is filled with utter disdain and contempt. I really can’t believe that this is what we pay the people who are purportedly our representatives of Government for. I mean is there any point to this circus when most of the time is spent with the Chairman saying "Order"! Whenever I get these glimpses of Australian politics I just end up feeling enraged, if it wasn’t bad enough having political talking heads on news and current affairs programs basically just perfecting the art of Bullshitting and dodging questions with non sequitur and evasion, we then just get the same thing happening in a time when serious discussions ought to be taking place. What could be a civil and useful discussion ends up being a free for all time for just more politicking and party propaganda. Perhaps if the thing wasn’t broadcast then the temptation for causing the Chairman to burst a vein trying to bring the House to order wouldn’t be there.

Makes the mind boggle with the possibility that anarchy wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all. A sovereign fund should be set up for whenever a politician utters a piece of bullshit or tries a furtive attempt at politicking on company time, then a hundred dollar bill is placed in the sovereign penalty jar taken from the parliamentary pension no less. We’d surely be a debt free society and in the black far sooner than the Gillard 2013 time line and we might then see some honest political debate. The joke once again is on the Australian Taxpayer who foots the bill for the prodigal extravagance that Australian Politics finds itself in.

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