Addictive behaviour has turned me away from techno lust into more selfish pursuits in a bid to win favour amongst you, my reader. I’ve committed myself to world dominion and have designs on having my rants spread like a malicious infection in a binary world already filled with virulent gossiping and marketing of penis enlargements. All I ask is to be heard amongst the rabble of distraction, porn and information. Perhaps my rants are inferior to those of professional bloggers. I’d be willing to sell myself out for a pay cheque, if that’s what it takes to have a voice heard. I’d even be willing to write about Britney Spears and her latest rehab romance.

Hang on a second, just one damn second!

That is taking things too far. I’d refuse to write about such transparent self promotion. Oh my God! Britney’s in rehab. So fucking what! I’d sooner rather see her committed inside the an endless treatment program in some public hospital detox (at least the television would be free to air some useful information) rather than having to see her exploits at marketing her latest hair cut. This is old news but no doubt it will infest our airwaves again with more 12 step promotion with Britney Spears as poster girl for pseudo spirituality.

Anyway I am yet to acquire the discography of Skepticism. Red Eye Records emailed me and informed me that the discs are no longer in print and their worldwide database is incorrect. I have to give them credit just for the fact that they wrote to me explaining why my order had been canceled. So much for going legitimate, I’ve enrolled Amazon to service a one last quest to get the the CD’s and if that fails then I can safely say that I did try the road to support the artist. I’ll confess that channel BT has aided my enthusiasm for this band and I would really like to show my appreciation to them by buying their albums. They are a finnish doom metal band, and my lineage is from that northern sphere, in the forests of 1000 lakes, the snow, the ice and dark winter months of frigid cold. Hopefully Amazon will pull through so I can then enjoy the macabre darkness of brooding seductiveness that are Skepticism’s songs.

In a self induced shameless desire I’ve joined forces with Technorati to promote this little space on the web but perhaps all I am naively doing is promoting Technorati. I’ve even joined MySpace, initially just so I could view someone else’s pics but am now musing with the idea that maybe I really need a MySpace too. More shameless self promotion to coincide with the my gregarious need to belong and be loved by the whole of humanity.

Edit: I’ve just canceled the MySpace thing because it is lame and I’d rather do my own website than support a Rupert Murdoch enterprise. I only wanted to view some links on someone else’s myspace but it was way too much hassle to even do that.

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