Internode seems to be playing up tonight and I don’t like it when my internet connection is on the blink. I rely far too heavily on this connectivity, more than what is really healthy for any one individual. Alas I could be in far worse predicaments. One eye is constantly watching the DSL light on my modem to see if the dreaded loss of sync is upon me. My world depends on that wee little light, almost as if salvation is determined with the flashing of lights. My love affair with the internet began to blossom back in the nineties and it also marked my decline in other not so wholesome areas. But this connection into my main line of thought continues to grow like an extended synaptic nerve ending reaching the far recesses of the globe where I can travel without leaving the safety of these four walls that confine me. It’s pretty sad really but I am a traveler of space and I cling to the notion that I can have a life if I leave this chair and abandon my voyeurism into binary code. Sometimes it is all I have, this pulsing of energy that permits me to see, like a third eye. Some ESP kind of epiphany that keeps me glued to a liquid crystalline god. Anyway the damn DSL lights are blinking so it must mean that I am about to lose sync again. Looks like I will need to contact the node for some support because it is happening way too much lately.

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Nodian March 29, 2007

Hi Twisted, the gold that is Google Alerts brought my attention to your sync issue – please do contact our support staff and seek assistance – they have the tools and the skills to help you diagnose your issue!

If you’re connected to an Internode/Agile DSLAM, it should be even simpler to diagnose 🙂

Internode support can take your call up until midnight, 7 days a week (12.30 your time).


Anonymous Nodian

PS mention the word “Internode” in your follow-up and I might see your reply 😉