Winter Chill

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Winter has visited us in a splendid manner, I think it has been the coldest April day in 50 years or so the news informed me or maybe that was just my imagination. But it is such a pleasant surprise, the biting chill numbing my cheeks and arms as I went out to grab some lunch. I was caught offside without a jumper and only a short sleeved polo shirt but inwardly I was glowing with the endorphins that the howl of antarctic ghosts wailing up Van Diemen’s Land onto the shores mainland Oz release.

Winter Monster

I love the way the winter bite invigorates the senses, awakening the dead cells of summer languish, opening old pores clogged with sweat and smog that the brazen heat of summer bakes into the skin. I no longer have to trudge through the sweat on my way to work. The chilly air will snap my dreary eyes awake, welling them with moisture from stinging icy fingers poking at them as the wind lashes through frigid air.

It’s funny how the weather changes so dramatically, Saturday was really quite warm and then suddenly it gets snap frozen. But I do prefer the a cooler climate, my body doesn’t handle the heat very well.

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Insalubrious times

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A viral heat is pulsing through my veins and I wish that I could curl up and expel this demon from my inflamed nostrils but it is adamant that it remain in its final resting place. I am doomed with this disease and it may yet even kill me. I feel like death warmed up and I have no hope that the morrow will bring forth a glimmer of a ray of the last of summers sunshine. I am left cold and embittered by this microbe. Beat. I ought to bow down before this formidable foe and commit my allegiance to this all powerful deity crawling inside my cellular membranes oozing its vile mucus while it claims victory over this powerless soul.

It is one of natures wonders, these tiny microscopic organisms that reek havoc while they rape and pillage healthy cells, their mutable face only seeking to replicate in as many hosts that permit entry. Ever evolving and advancing, pursuant to dominance and mocking our intelligence with taunts about how easily it could eradicate our presence from this earth with a mere folding in of itself, reinventing its make up and as it does annihilating thousands of years human endurance.

The bug is coming, its only a matter of time, insalubrious as it may be. Perhaps all it takes is to be in the wrong place at the right time. What if right now as I sit here blowing my nose for the millionth time today, a solar blast from the perimeter sends its cosmic rays into the molecules and cells of my infected body and gives the burst of energy for the tiny organism to fold and create the right protein or enzyme to become a far more nastier version of bug than has been seen before. Its a fantasy but stranger things have happened. It may be why not many dinosaurs are roaming around in our backyards these days.

I’m bugged out. The best I can hope for right now is for the snot in my nose to dry up. And the best we can hope for as a race, the human race is a few more years and some new inspiration in our age old battle with our tiny little foes.

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