ABC’s 4 Corners ran the BBC’s Conspiracy Files program “Conspiracy 7/7: the London Bombings” last night exposing the internet conspiracy documentary “7-7 Ripple Effect” as a fraud so that we laymen may lay another conspiracy to rest and fall back to sleep in our uncomplicated mass media induced hypnosis. Now what is interesting is why mainstream television feels somewhat compelled to debunk these internet conspiracies at all. If the conspiracies have not one ounce of credibility then why  even take the time to expose them in the first place? Could it be a conspiracy to raise ratings? After all there are thousands of converts eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the real life saga of the governmental plot to dupe the Joe Citizen with state sanctioned lies and propaganda. Ready to view what the man has to say about their favourite conspiracy and thus reinforce their world view.

plan b: paint a giant cock and balls on your roof by solidstate

Let’s face it, any saga that one can latch onto with some level of conviction is certainly worth the time to investigate, to break the utter monotony that the daily grind in paid slavery bestows! It keeps our imaginations active and without anything else we’ll be sitting in front of the idiot box with razor in hand, ready to slash our wrists if we have to endure one more fucking episode of the Farmer Wants A Wife. Surely a tangible conspiracy is worth contemplating when confronted with such dire circumstances that network television wishes to torture us with.

Really what possesses us to take conspiracy theories with anything resembling seriousness? Apart from facetious commentary about the lame entertainment industry dumbing us down with absurdity, what is it that creates the mindset to accept alternate theories to the ones fed to us by media who are basically reporting the official story? There is an obvious level of mistrust amongst the citizenship towards their leaders and perhaps it is not without foundation, considering lies, misrepresentations and corruption are exposed on a regular basis. Perhaps it is a reaction to the absurd actions of people like the former President of The United States of America, one George W Bush whose lasting legacy to the world is that of an Axes of Evil and A War on Terror, complete with bogus weapons of mass destruction, which may very well have instigated the switch from general apathy into the high level of cynicism currently observed in Joe Citizen whose readiness to give credence to “conspiracy theories” so eloquently illustrates. They can’t all be completely mad, can they?

Because on the face of things the people that take on board so called conspiracy theories aren’t complete morons and presumably a lot of them are intelligent and thoughtful human beings. Although there is a fair share of complete nutters who probably do the greatest disservice to these truth seekers but for the most part they are ordinary citizens who are more than likely just trying to make sense of the bizarre world we live in. And who can blame them for their cynicism? Unless you are truly faithful and unquestioning to what is being fed through your senses then it seems legitimate to at least hear opposing theories to the ones being fed intravenously into our mainline of media receptacles.

I’m not going to try and say that I haven’t held some degree of obsession with all things conspiratorial, I can however say that I’m not entirely convinced one way or another, especially when it comes to 9-11 or 7-7 conspiracy theories. Like many who come to question the official stories, I have my doubts but I really don’t know beyond a reasonable doubt whether there is some gigantic cover up or if what the man says is indeed how it is. Having watched a good portion of the internet videos regarding alternate theories surrounding the official stories I am still undecided. The videos make well thought out arguments but unless one takes extraordinary efforts to examine all the facts they can’t be reasonably used to make an informed decision. Either they are right or wrong and there is definitely some questions that need answering but to make a decision based upon a video would be foolish and in no way better than blindly accepting what mainstream media infects our minds with. Unfortunately I believe that we’ll simply never know, because no one will share the secrets, if any, behind the events and generally even if there was a grand conspiracy I doubt the average citizen would even want to know the truth. The ramifications of there existing such a dark underworld within the corridors of power would likely topple civilisation and create a level of distress and upheaval hitherto unseen.

But I can safely say that regardless of the truth or lie behind the catastrophic events that these two dates represent, the aftermath of it has raised an eyebrow or two and a higher degree of cynicism within my already cynical outlook.

With our civil liberties slowly being eroded and the average citizen oblivious to the sinister consequences of letting go of too many of our liberties, coupled with the never ending war that the War on Terror entails, it is all too easy to envisage a total surrender of what little freedom we still possess, all in the name of safety and security. It is far too easy to attach rather evil motives behind our eagerness to engage in war in a region that possesses something we want. OIL!

Under the false pretence of WMDs and links of Al-Qaeda to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq the US launched a pre-emptive strike against Iraq and it really isn’t okay that this happened. It seems the US administration in a best case scenario took advantage of a disaster and tragedy to advance its own agenda and in a very worst case scenario, created the disaster to gain public acceptance of its desires to gain a foothold in the middle east and create a police state of its resources. It is deceit like the WMD manifesto which is the driving force behind the cynicism faced by ordinary people who then seek alternate theories. The lack of transparency and corruption of power in the halls of governance has left too many without any other outlet to source information than through the internet.

Time will tell if we witnessed the greatest perversion of the truth ever conceived. But in the mean time I am sure we’ll happily hand over more of our rights and privacy into the hands of Government and business to appease the fears that have been implanted into our psyches. Will we wise up to the real threat, the threat of losing what we have worked so hard to create. A free and just society? Or will we end up in a totally closed society where any level of dissent will be silenced and where we end up living in greater fear than what we are purportedly trying to eradicate by giving away our rights?

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Swine of a flu

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The death toll rises to 150 in Mexico from the apocalyptic swine flu, which is sure to come to a neighbourhood near you! So grab those pesky surgical masks and bow down before the great viral overlord. It was only a few weeks past when a discussion entitled There’s too much life on Earth  took place in the, In The News section of Whirlpool Forums. Ironically  and perhaps conveniently after Sir David Attenborough  was appointed patron of the Optimum Population Trust does the Swine Influenza epidemic hit Mexico threatening the globe with a pandemic, which may kill millions.

Is it conspiracy? We’ll just have to await the next Alex Jones’ Prison Planet instalment in the perpetual saga between the Bilderberg   Group, Banking Power Elite and the New Word Order global control conspiracy, where he will no doubt discuss the connection between Barack Obama and the deadly swine epidemic of 2009 to control the population in readiness of One World Government  and global enslavement. It’s sure to happen, since this will provide the perfect story to fuel the paranoia. Alex Jones has been banging on about the same thing for so many years that surely even he’s tired of propagating the same bull shit, but the same bull shit helps pay the mortgage eh Alex?

He now has further proof that it is the agenda of the banking elite to reduce the population to 500 million and the swine flu will offer some interesting entertainment in his next “documentary”. I like watching his doco’s out of a strange fascination to believe, to believe some grand design as to why the world can often times seem so senseless, wretched and inhumane. Just like Fox Mulder, I want to believe.

But, as always is the case in an Alex Jones conspiracy, it offers the world and delivers nothing. He will use his video as sole proof to  his claims but never has he produced a shred of material evidence, only grandiose theories about the coming enslavement. But he missed the boat, we’ve been enslaved for millennia, perhaps not in the same way as he believes but certainly, slavery of a kind. I’d like to know if he has a credit or ATM card to pay for his groceries and if he has then isn’t he just another part of the system he discredits. I believe it’s called being a hypocrite!

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The mystery of World Trade Centre Building No. 7 has officially been resolved and the conclusion is, that WTC7 is the first steel high rise structure to collapse due to fire. So we can all rest easy and lay to waste our fascination with conspiracy theories concerning September 11. But all the same, it is still more interesting and compelling to believe WTC7 and the WTC North and South towers collapsed due to controlled demolition, rather than the official story of fire. It enables the imagination to dissemble sense from the absurdity that so often is thrown at us during the mediocre hypnosis that is fed us through mainstream media. Although a great deal of investigative analysis has been performed, I’m still not 100 percent convinced that the official story is the truth. Having three buildings collapse in perfect symmetry, is something astonishing and for it to be happening within hours of one another is stretching the imagination in my opinion; although it is not without possibility, it is nevertheless odd.

If one is to accept that fire has weakened a structure to the point of collapse, does it then follow that the structure would weaken in such a symmetry so the point of failure would enable a vertical drop? That is what strikes me as the most suspicious and strange occurrence that wiggles and niggles at rationality, I’m not entirely convinced that fire would actually do that but I cannot without doubt say it isn’t possible. If fire is the agent for failure, the question is; why does it collapse straight down rather than on a skew? One would imagine that the connections affected by fire to be weakened and be cause for the structural member to fail, however, wouldn’t the other connections which weren’t affected still retain strength, delaying and perhaps guiding the collapse so it would look staggered or angled? Is it likely that a central failure would pull or drag the outer structure with it in a free fall arrangement? Who knows, but having the owner of WTC7 and the WTC towers, Larry Silverstein state that they made a decision to “pull” WTC7 is seemingly strange language to be using. Then there is the footage of firemen warning of the imminent collapse, so ostensibly some extraneous circumstances are in the periphery that may or may not be valid.

But having a conspiracy of such magnitude is mind boggling and will doubtless draw the conclusion that the official story is the true one. Who wants or could even believe that men are able to conceive and conspire of such tragedy for their own gain? And that such a conspiracy could be maintained in secrecy? But isn’t the grandeur of such a conspiracy something that ought be weighed with interest. The possibility of the “Big Lie” propaganda technique is one which is at least worth considering momentarily if not seriously.

Ultimately the end result is that the World Trade Centre buildings collapsed due to fire and although there are some interesting points in entertaining a conspiracy theory, it makes little difference in the end. No one is going to confess to aiding and abetting the crime of the century and admit the whole event was staged for some heinous purpose. We have no option but to accept the official story, because even if the conspiracy is factual, what can be done about it and what would happen if it did transpire that such a monumental crime was exposed? Wouldn’t it unravel societal harmony or whatever thin fibres are meshing society together, if it was revealed as an “inside job” wouldn’t it unleash anarchy?

Out of all the conspiracies that I have ever entertained, the possibility of controlled demolition of WTC7 and the WTC Towers has really given cause to reflect in seriousness, the truth of it. It is in vain though, because either way, the only conclusion is greater cyncism in hummanity. The official story or conspiracy matters little, both subscribe to the view that we as a species are fucked! On the one hand we have religious fundementalists flying planes into buildings and on the other we have at least a person or group of people on the same side reeking destruction and death. Both achieve the same result, people dying for no good reason.

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